Qualification: B.SC (Agriculture) Business Experience: 15 Years


Qualification: M.SC (Agriculture) Business Experience: 15 Years


Qualification: B.SC (Agriculture) Business Experience: 15 Years

Agrialliance is formed by three entrepreneurs Mr Shailesh Patel , Kamlesh Patel , Sanjit Raj . All of them have a passion for agriculture and loves to help local famers in their area for their agriculture production. They have been actively providing consultancy to farmer with new innovative techniques in farming . They all work very close with each and every farmer, in their area by organizing local meetings , understanding their current problems and challenges , as well as help them in their economical progress. They are constantly in touch with local government agricultural agencies & corporate of Gujarat They keeps himself updated with latest technology by making international visits to Israel, Taiwan, Indonesia and many more . They have introduced the best technology in their local community after conducting thorough research . Till Today they have helped more than 1000 farmers through agriculture consultancy. Most of their customers are very happy and satisfied with the solution provided by them.


  • Agrialliance crop solution is an alliance of agriculture graduate’s entrepreneurs.
  • Agrialliance crop solution is an ISO 9001 :2008 certified company.
  • Have more than 20yeras of experience in agriculture field and Market.
  • We believe in providing latest and innovative technology from lab to land of farmer.
  • We jointly discover business opportunities and develop products and services that are successfully proven scientifically and technically .

Our Vision

We focus on providing integrated solutions to agriculture community to accelerate the progress of farming community. Our vision is to improve economy of farmers by providing best quality and need based products through innovative ideas and by increasing their productivity


  • Honesty, sincerity, trustable and satisfactory services
  • We think in “meet and bound together ,to grow and develop together”
  • Highly professionals and educational infield of agriculture

Our mission

We want to start green revolution in Agriculture by giving new innovative technology and ideas to farmers. We want to connect farmers to Digital India and also provide them best innovative agricultural technology for their economic development